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How Hypnosis in Brighton Can Improve Well-Being

By February 18, 2020No Comments

Hypnosis at The Conway PracticeIn the calm environment of the Conway Practice in Brighton, hypnotherapy can be applied to improve life balance and well-being, addressing any issues which have been limiting achievement or causing anxiety and stress.*  Hypnosis is a very effective therapeutic tool which will enable you to focus your attention on any negative beliefs which are stored in the subconscious mind with a greater depth of perception.* While you are experiencing hypnosis in Brighton, Jonathan Conway will explore with you any barriers to achieving goals and self-fulfilment.*

Hypnotherapy can be beneficial for overcoming phobias, increasing self-esteem and to be free of harmful and habitual behaviour such as smoking or compulsive eating.* During this altered state of consciousness, the mind is more receptive to positive suggestion, enabling new coping mechanisms to be introduced. The trance-like state of hypnosis can be likened to the relaxed feeling experienced during a daydream, when you remain completely in control of your actions.*

During this period of hyper-focus pathways of discovery can be opened up, when triggers to any limiting or harmful behaviour can be identified and addressed. The origin of stress and anxiety or lack of self-worth can often be traced to incidents or influences way back in the past which have been repressed, resulting in little or no conscious awareness. Once any underlying negative beliefs or intrusive thoughts are resolved, your response to challenges will change.

Relaxation techniques and calming methods are useful self-help tools for managing work-place stress or in social situations where you feel under pressure and out of your depth.

Hypnotherapy can be used to establish healthier and more positive behaviour by re-programming the subconscious mind, allowing you to build on your own inner resources.* This therapeutic engagement can be empowering, creating significant improvement in self-belief and motivation, resulting in lasting change and a clearer vision of how your life goals can be achieved.*

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