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Stop Smoking at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveSmokers often believe that the barrier to giving up their habit is due to a physical dependence on nicotine. Support to manage a smoking habit with hypnosis in Brighton with Jonathan Conway at the Conway Practice explores the subconscious triggers relating to your hand-to-mouth fixation.* Nicotine addiction is relatively short-lived, whereas the familiarity of holding and smoking a cigarette can be more challenging to overcome. Hypnosis is a holistic process which enables you to recognise specific situations and emotional prompts responsible for your desire to smoke.*

The habitual behaviour of a smoker is both physical and psychological and it’s a misconception that smoking is a solution for managing stress and anxiety, as any relief is transient and does nothing to address the deeper issues. While the mind is deeply relaxed and open to therapeutic intervention, the origin of your smoking habit and why this has continued can be addressed.* If you first began to smoke as a way of fitting in with your peers, you may continue to use this as a form of social bonding with fellow smokers to boost your confidence. Work or personal pressures can also contribute to your habit as a means of briefly reducing your stress levels.

As we entered a new year, you may have resolved that each packet of cigarettes would be your last but have found that this hasn’t been achieved, leaving you feeling demotivated. The therapeutic process of hypnosis to manage a smoking habit assists in overcoming any self-limiting beliefs by replacing these with positive affirmations.* New coping mechanisms will be introduced, together with distraction techniques and relaxation methods for anxiety management.*

Providing you are fully committed to becoming a non-smoker, hypnotherapy in Brighton to quit smoking can support you in reaching your goal, either at the Conway Practice during face-to-face sessions with Jonathan or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone.* Everything discussed during your appointment will be strictly confidential.

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