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Stop Smoking at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveMany smokers believe that nicotine addiction is the only hurdle to overcoming their smoking habit. In reality, the withdrawal symptoms are relatively short-lived and the greater challenging is in managing the subconscious triggers related to smoking. Help to quit smoking with hypnotherapy in Brighton is available at The Conway Practice, or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone.*  Being free of the habit requires a multifaceted, holistic approach that delves into the intricate relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.* Smoking often becomes intertwined with subconscious cues, making it essential to address these triggers to successfully break the cycle.

One key strategy is self-awareness. During therapeutic intervention for help to quit smoking you will be able to engage in introspection to identify the underlying reasons for your smoking habit.* This involves recognising emotional triggers, such as stress, anxiety or boredom, that lead to the subconscious urge to smoke.* By becoming conscious of these cues, you can develop healthier coping mechanisms and responses.*

Techniques applied with hypnotherapy play a pivotal role in managing the non-conscious hand-to-mouth ritual of holding and smoking a cigarette.* This will allow you to detach yourself from automatic reactions and provides space to choose healthier alternatives. You may have found yourself lighting a cigarette in the company of fellow smokers, even when you have no physical need for nicotine. This form of subconscious mirroring is often the reason the habit begins during adolescence, as a way of social bonding with friends or family.

Introducing new coping methods and positive affirmations with hypnotherapy can be a valuable step towards overcoming smoking triggers.* Relaxation and distraction techniques reduce the stress response and redirect the mind away from smoking-related thoughts.* These effective strategies will help you to manage cravings and navigate challenging moments with greater self-awareness.*

Providing you are fully committed to breaking the habit, support to stop smoking with hypnosis in Brighton with Jonathan Conway will enable you to enjoy a smoke-free and healthier life-style.*

Jonathan Conway is a qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practioner and NLP Coach, with more than 25 years of experience.* All sessions will be completely confidential.

For an appointment with Jonathan call today on 07956 855 027 or alternatively use the Contact Form