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Understanding Social Anxiety with Hypnotherapy in Brighton

By August 16, 2023No Comments

Hypnosis at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveSocial anxiety is a complex condition characterised by an intense fear of social situations and interactions. It can be related to a range of phobias, due to the underlying mechanisms and triggers responsible for the anxious state of mind. Understanding social anxiety with hypnotherapy in Brighton at The Conway Practice will help you to overcome your feelings of distress and to manage any phobic reactions.*

Therapeutic intervention with hypnosis takes a holistic approach by exploring all the underlying issues.* One way in which social anxiety is related to phobias is through the common thread of fear. Phobias, by definition, are irrational and excessive fears of specific objects or situations. Social anxiety, too, revolves around the overwhelming concern of being judged, embarrassed, or humiliated while interacting with others. When this feeling becomes uncontrollable, you may develop specific phobias, such as the fear of public speaking (glossophobia), travelling on public transport, or an aversion to eating in places where you feel out of your comfort zone.

Additionally, conditioning plays a significant role in both social anxiety and phobias. Traumatic experiences or negative social encounters can reinforce fears and anxieties associated with specific stimuli. For instance, a person with social anxiety may have previously experienced embarrassment or humiliation during a speech or a presentation. If you feel anxious in one social situation, you may begin to fear all social interaction, leading to avoidance behaviour and the development of a broad social phobia.

You may have no conscious awareness of the anxiety’s origin, but during hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan Conway, the underlying issues stored in your subconscious mind will be identified and addressed.* While you are deeply relaxed under hypnosis, negative thoughts can be re-framed and positive affirmations introduced.* New coping methods and calming techniques will reduce your stress response, enabling you to relax in the company of others and to increase your self-confidence when socialising.*

If you would prefer the hypnotherapy sessions to be carried out remotely, this can be arranged by Zoom, Skype or telephone.

Jonathan Conway has more than 25 years of experience as a qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach.

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