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All about NLP coaching in Brighton

By July 29, 2019No Comments

NLP in Brighton & Hove at The Conway PracticeIf you feel the need for support in reprogramming your way of thinking and to initiate positive change in areas of your life where you are underachieving, NLP coaching in Brighton at the Conway Practice can be of considerable help. For example you may want to increase your self-confidence when speaking in public, or to improve your interview skills with enhanced presentation skills. When progress is inhibited due to negative thinking and a lack of self-worth, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be the catalyst for personal growth.

Perhaps you have arrived at a crucial stage in your life when you are determined not to continue to tolerate limiting habits and behaviour. You may be well aware of what you wish to change, but need help to focus on the goals that are relevant to achieving these. If you feel that you are stuck in a negative pattern of behaviour that is preventing you from moving forward, NLP is a very dynamic and effective process which enables personal progression. You can be guided on how to overcome any barriers and increase your self-motivation. Athletes for instance, take up the challenge by believing they can win, even against the odds, with a can-do attitude, focusing only on positive result.

By adopting a new and more positive attitude, professional and social skills can be significantly improved. It’s common to use specific words and gestures in communication with others which become a subconscious response during conversation. Without any conscious awareness, these particular words and phrases of internal dialogue can have a negative affect. Self-doubt transmits negative signals through both body language and speech, affecting how others perceive you. By thinking and speaking more positively, your manner of expression can improve considerably, resulting in better lines of communication. Through NLP in Brighton with Jonathan Conway you will be coached in the art of rapport, enabling you to negotiate more effectively, leading to greater achievement in your personal and professional life.

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