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Hypnotherapy for Phobias at The Conway PracticeIf solitude and limited contact with life outside of the home during lock-down has triggered anxious feelings, help is available to reduce social anxiety with hypnotherapy in Harley Street at the Conway Practice.* The prospect of interacting with others and concerns about what you might expect may feel overwhelming after spending so much time in what you probably consider to be your safe place. Social anxiety goes beyond shyness and has often formed due to incidents or influences experienced in the past. These distant memories remain buried in the subconscious and restrict your natural ability to connect, not only in a social context but also with work colleagues or during interviews and presentations where you feel you are being scrutinised.

A social phobia can be experienced as a combination of other phobias, such as a fear of public speaking, agoraphobia or even anthropophobia, where you fear being around other people.* Your perception of the threat that you feel under may be irrational, but nevertheless it is likely to trigger the fight or flight response with emotional and physical discomfort, often manifesting in a raised heart-beat, trembling,  sweating and feeling nauseous. During sessions with Jonathan to reduce social anxiety with hypnotherapy in Harley Street, the origin of your fears will be explored, helping you to trace any specific incidents and self-beliefs which may be responsible for your anxiety.* You might be afraid that any negative experiences in the past will re-occur when you are faced with a similar situation. A concern of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and of being criticised or judged can inhibit your ability to interact freely with others.

You may be under the misconception that you will be forced to do something against your will during hypnosis. In fact a hypnotic state is similar to how you would feel while daydreaming and you will remain completely relaxed and in control throughout the hypnotherapy session. Therapeutic intervention with hypnosis enables new coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques to be introduced, replacing any negative behaviour and self-beliefs.*

Everything discussed with Jonathan will be completely confidential and appointments can be face-to-face at the Conway Practice in Harley Street or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone if preferred.

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